Monday, June 27, 2022

How to automate window operations with find image action

Software Environment
Version: 5.2
Edition: Standard

Brief explanation: An example of using find image action (The find image action wizard is located on Insert color & image action button of Insert group panel) to automate the installation program. 

Detailed steps:
1. Double-click the program icon to run the installer.
  • Enter the Editor mode. Use find image action wizard (Click Insert color & image action button on Insert group panel and select Find image item).

  • Click the Capture button, then drag the left mouse button to capture an image need to find.

  • Set the value of the similarity and select the mouse action after finding the image, then click the Test button to test the effect.

  • Click the Save button to save the image to the specified folder and click Insert button.

Action sample:

2. Click the Install button.
Tip: It is recommended to pick up the part of the image that does not change in color and shape to ensure the accuracy of image finding. For example, the text part inside the box is picked up here.

Action sample:

3. Choose not to run the program after installation.

Action sample:

4. Click the Finish button.

Action sample: